17 Feb

I wasn’t going to write about this.

So much has already been said and written.

But after seeing Dallas Green speak from Spring Training yesterday I felt compelled to write.


I don’t know Dallas Green personally.  I don’t know his son John or John’s wife Roxanna.  I never met Christina.

But when you’re a fan of a baseball team over the course of many years, people like Dallas become a part of your life.  And because baseball, unlike other sports, is played almost every day, it often feels like you spend more time with your “baseball family” than your real friends and family.

So it was painful to watch Dallas Green talk about his granddaughter yesterday.  It was painful to see this “tough guy” struggling so hard to contain his emotions.

It was painful to hear him say that he sinks himself into work so he doesn’t see “a little girl with a hole in her chest.”

Yes, it was all so painful.

Both Dallas and his son, a scout for the LA Dodgers, returned to work this week.  They returned to their teams, to their baseball families.  Perhaps the familiar rhythms and routines of  Spring Training will provide them some small comfort.

For Dallas, it is all he knows.  He said he is here because he has an “obligation to the Phillies organization.”

But I think he got that wrong.

For over 55 years, Dallas Green has given so much to baseball.  Maybe now, the sport he loves, will give something back to him.

Maybe it will help him start to heal.

Just maybe.

I hope so.



One Response to “Healing”

  1. Nicole February 18, 2011 at 3:08 am #

    So heartbreaking.

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