The Waiting Game

23 Feb

If it’s true that “anticipation is the purest form of pleasure,” I don’t know about you but I can’t take much more “pleasure.”

The wait for this baseball season to get underway has been simply unbearable.  During most off-seasons, the holidays and the football play-offs are enough to keep us busy until Spring Training begins.  But not this year.  From the moment the Cliff Lee signing was announced on December 15th, fans started feverishly counting the months, weeks, days, and hours until Opening Day.

And it’s not just the fans.  I think the players are as anxious as we are to get this thing going.  Just ask a bemused Cliff Lee who had to spend an entire day fielding questions about a slight muscle strain, what he called “a little, minor, something” that was “perfectly fine” now.  In fact, this much-discussed “strain” happened weeks before Spring Training but thanks to a story-starved media news of Lee’s “injury” spread like wildfire this week.  Even Phils GM Ruben Amaro was forced to issue a statement concerning “armpit-gate,” calling it a “non-issue.”

“An-ti-ci-pa-tion, An-ti-ci-pa-aaa-tion is making me wait.”

And just down the road a bit in Viera, Florida, the Spring Training home of the Washington Nationals, an old friend of Cliff’s may also be wishing for the games to begin.  Jayson Werth spent most of his first day with his new team, talking about his old one.   “I think if they (the Phillies) would have played it right they would have had both of us (Lee and Werth.)”

I don’t think Nats GM Mike Rizzo, who just forked over $126 million to bring Werth to Washington, cares to hear his high-priced free agent lamenting the fact that he’s no longer a Phillie, do you?

“It’s keeping me wai-a-a-a-ting.”

So the wait goes on.  And with 4 days before the first Spring Training Game and 37 days until the first real game, here’s one prediction Jimmy Rollins didn’t make.  I’m afraid I see more “non-stories” about “non-issues” in our future.

Hey, did you hear that Cole Hamels may be getting a haircut???


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