Schooling The Seminoles

25 Feb

It wasn’t an “official” game.  It wasn’t on tv or radio (believe me I checked.)  But yesterday’s Phillies warm-up game against the Florida State Seminoles took us one step closer to Opening Day.

I mean who cares if none of the Fab 4 (or even Joe for that matter) took the field?               Who cares if Chase Utley sat this one out or if J-Roll was attending a Motown tribute at the White House as a guest of President Obama?  (Well, apparently Mike Schmidt might care about that last one.)

Did you hear Mike’s comments this week that Rollins and Shane Victorio were “underachieving as players” and that Rollins in particular should be “more Pete Rose-like in his approach to the game.”  Schmidt went on to say that Jimmy should aim for 2oo hits and  “needs to be more accountable for getting on base…”

With this juicy quote in hand, reporters rushed to Rollins for a response hoping this feud might fill a week’s worth of columns or at least last until the Yankees game on Saturday. So what did the Phils often cocky shortstop have to say?

“He’s right.  I should have 200 hits.  He wants what’s best for me…We talk about it every day he’s here and how to go about doing it.”

So much for the war of words.  Is that the new “Jimmy being Jimmy?”

OK, back to the game.  Sorry, but you know how I can digress.

Phils won 8-0 with 8 hits including a 2-run double by Ryan Howard in the first.                   The winning pitcher?  Drew Naylor.  No, he doesn’t play for the Seminoles.                        (Need I say more???)

The big, bad Yanks are up next on Saturday.  Here we go…



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