How Women Watch Baseball

7 Mar

I was watching the Phils game today pad in hand hoping for some inspiration for my next post (and you thought this blog thing was easy?) when a good friend and fellow baseball addict called.  He was watching the game, too, of course and said he had an idea for my next entry.  Since I still had nothing I eagerly grabbed my pen.

He went on to explain that through a a simple mathematical formula I could determine exactly what Raul Ibanez had to hit this year to make up for the absence of Jayson Werth. All I had to do was add together both of their batting averages from last year and then divide by 2 and then…..  I hated to tell him but I lost him at “mathematical.”

But he did give me an idea for today’s post.  I think men and women watch sports differently.  OK, I know this is a rash generalization but although I’ve watched baseball for years and consider myself a pretty knowledgeable fan, I’m not really a stats person. I’m no expert in the initials that drive the game:  the ERA’s and LOB and OPS, not to mention the all-important OBP and HBP.  (I had to go to Baseball Stats 101 to find these.)

It’s not because I don’t think they’re important.  They are.  I just can’t keep them in my head.  My brain doesn’t work that way.  I’m more interested in the stories of the game. Maybe that’s because I’m trained to look for the story in my real life job but it’s also because I look for the emotion in the game more than the numbers.  And I’m wonderting if that’s how (and why) women watch sports.

I love redemption.  I’m already anticipating the moment when Dominc Brown returns to the line-up and is at bat in a key situation.  I’ve written the ending to that scene, too, by the way.  I love when a Jim Thome returns to Philadelphia to a huge ovation.  I even wonder what Chase Utley is like at home when he’s dealing with an injury and can’t play.

The Jersey Shore’s got nothing on a baseball season full of colorful characters, twists and turns, highs, and lows, and drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  So thanks to my friend for calling yesterday.  Keep your ideas coming.  I’ll really try to use them even if it’s not exactly in the way you intended.


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