“There’s No Crying In Baseball?”

9 Mar

If you follow sports like I do you’ve no doubt heard the latest story about the Miami Heat.  The talk was that several players on the team where LeBron “took his talents” were seen crying in the locker room after a tough loss.  The sports world was all a-‘Twitter’ with this news.  Fans, sports radio hosts, and even other athletes chimed in and most agreed that “there’s no crying in basketball.”

According to legendary Lakers coach Phil Jackson, “Big boys don’t cry.”

Well, Phil, I beg to differ.  (Surprised?)  I think it’s refreshing to see a professional athlete show some emotion once in a while.  I prefer that to a glib response or the ever-popular “no comment.”  It’s good to know that it’s not just the fans who feel like crying after a heartbreaking loss.  Give me some good old-fashioned sniffles any day.

And that goes for baseball, too, no matter what Tom Hanks’ character, Jimmy Dugan, famously said in A League of Their Own. After all, can any baseball fan forget Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt‘s tearful retirement speech?  Get your tissues.

And this from a guy many fans considered aloof and distant during his playing days.

And even the big man, Jim Thome, wasn’t too macho to show his emotions when being introduced to the Philadelphia media.  During his press conference, he had to leave the microphone after breaking down when referring  to his wife, Andrea: “She’s my rock.” You’re the man, Jimbo.

But the record-holder may be in the testoserone-filled world of football.  Come on, Brett, retire one more time.  Those Favre good-bye press conferences (all three of them, or is it 4?) are always tear-fests.

Let’s stop judging our athletes for being emotional.  Come on, there are a lot worse things they could be doing.

So, sorry, Jimmy, I think there is crying in baseball.


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