Is It Just Me….

11 Mar

Is it just me….

Or does this feel like the longest Spring Training ever?  I was counting the days for it to start but now it’s moving slower than Charlie Manuel’s walk from the dugout to the pitcher’s mound.  And let’s face it, nothing good can happen here. We need to start playing the real games before anyone else gets hurt!

Is it just me….

Or is Roy Halladay just in a “league of his own?”  Yes it was a Spring Training game but it was the Yankees and Halladay was in mid-season form.  Six scoreless innings, 4 hits, he retired the first 10 batters he faced.  He looks ready for the real games, too.

Is it just me….

Or did Domonic Brown look much more relaxed with a big old cast on his right hand? Shots of him in the dugout laughing with Ryan Howard were a far cry from the tense young man who couldn’t buy a hit just a couple of days ago.  Ironically, maybe he got just the “break” he needed.

Is it just me….

Or does this Chase Utley drama give you a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach?  And not because I’m concerned about how it affects the Phillies World Series chances.  The early reports of Chase’s “overall muscle soreness” were an ominous beginning.  And it’s getting harder every day to see the happy ending.

Is it just me….

Or do the end of Spring Training games feel like 3 innings of mispronounced names, crowd shots of girls in tank tops and broadcasters counting the pitches till they can hit the Tiki Bar?

Is it just me….

Or is this starting to get really annoying?



One Response to “Is It Just Me….”

  1. geetie March 11, 2011 at 1:24 pm #

    It’s definitely NOT just YOU.One bright spot Charlie’s in.

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