161 More To Go

2 Apr

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know that one of the things I love about baseball is that anything can happen.  There are surprise heroes and unexpected goats.  And I especially love when said ‘goat’ gets a chance at redemption.

But even I did not expect so many surprises to be on display yesterday in just the first game of the season.

Here are just some of the things I definitely did not see coming:

Even though the calendar said April 1st, the game was almost postponed because of SNOW.

Astros pitcher Brett Myers went deeper into the game than Phillies Cy Young winner Roy Halladay

The Phillies normally strike-out heavy line-up did not have one strike-out yesterday.

The man in the line-up mostly for his fielding, light hitting shortstop Wilson Valdez, had the only extra-base hit of the game.

On this staff of super starters, the first winning pitcher was–Danys Baez?

The key batters in the 9th inning were the afore-mentioned Valdez, Ben Francisco and John Mayberry, none of whom were even projected to be in the line-up on Opening Day.

The old ‘shaving cream pie in Mulberry‘s face’ routine was not done by Shane Victorino, but Ryan Madson did the deed instead.

And one thing I really  didn’t expect is that I‘d have a Twitter account but according to my daughter  “all the bloggers  do it” so yes, you can now follow me on Twitter. As I’m really not quite sure what that means at this point, please become a follower by clicking on Twitter With Me, it’s right there on your right, and we can learn together.  I figure since the blog can’t be updated for every game (believe it or not, I do have a life) I can Twitter ‘live’ during the games.

And as for redemption?  How’s this?

After a rough outing in right field including a two-base error,  Ben Francisco drove in a run in the Phils come-back 9th and scored the game-winner.


Tonight it’s Cliff Lee‘s much-anticipated debut.  Talk about the unexpected.   Just a few short months ago, who would have believed that Cliff Lee would be taking the mound tonight in a Phillies uniform?








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