I’m in a Slump

8 Jun

Today is Meredith Vieira’s last day on the Today Show.  After almost 5 years, she’s leaving to spend more time with her family.  I love those goodbye shows when everyone gets all weepy.

Why am I writing about that on my Phillies blog you may rightly ask?  Well, to be honest, I just can’t think of anything entertaining, witty, or even interesting to say about last night’s Phillies game.

I know I should be posting today.  I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of a creative hook, a provocative headline, even a haiku but I’m drawing a blank.  I guess you might say I’m in a slump.  (Art imitating life?)  It is a long season, 162 games and Spring Training before that, and even a prolific blogger can hit a rough patch, right?

The Mavericks beat the Heat last night.  Nowitzki was great (again), LeBron not so much.  The series is tied at 2-2 making Thursday night’s game must-see TV! 

OK, OK, I know I’m just avoiding the inevitable here.  Yes, the Phillies lost last night in one of the more uneventful games of the season to date.  Roy Oswalt wasn’t great but that really wasn’t the story.  Poor defense (including Oswalt‘s) certainly didn’t help matters but that wasn’t the story either.  The Phillies’  beyond frustrating inability to put a wild young pitcher away when they had him on the ropes, that was the story last night.

Record-breaking heat for the next couple of days in the East.  The Philadelphia Schools are even closing early today.  So drink plenty of water and keep your pets indoors as much as possible.  Come on, I’m just looking out for my readers.

It’ll be a hot one at the Bank tonight, too, made hotter by opposing pitcher Hiroki Kuroda who has owned the Phillies in his 4 career starts against them.  He has a 2-0 record with a 0.67 ERA and the Phils have hit a paltry .084 against him.

The 76ers made headlines yesterday with talk of a sale to a group led by New York-based leveraged buyout specialist Joshua Harris, who according to Forbes is worth 1.5 billion dollars.  Between that and a rumored trade that would send Andre Iguodala to Golden State for Monta Ellis, (a prospect that had my son excited!) the Sixers displaced the Phillies as the lead story on most area sportscasts. 

Was anyone else surprised to see Jimmy Rollins pinch hitting last night?  I was after hearing reports that the would likely be placed on the DL after an MRI on his knee revealed what GM Ruben Amaro called a “pretty significant bone bruise.”  Rollins begged to differ however, “If I was going on the DL it would purely be because they just made a bad decision.”  But how does he really feel?  (By the way, he hit a pop fly.)

Oh look, Meredith Vieira brought her dog, Jasper, to the set for her last day.  How cute is that!

Whew, I got through it, barely.  And hopefully you learned something even if it wasn’t about the Phillies.  I’ll let manager Charlie Manuel have the last word on last night’s loss in vintage Charlie style:

“We didn’t deserve to win the game.  We didn’t play good.”

And to think it took me 500 words to say the same thing!

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