That’s Baseball

16 Jun


Can you be speechless in writing?

Is it just me or does this team suddenly have that “we’re never out of it” vibe going again?

Did Kyle Kendrick really outpitch Roy Halladay yesterday?


I may just have to keep asking questions because I sure as hell don’t have any answers, except one.

That’s baseball.

It’s a sport where anything can happen and often does.

It’s a sport where time can not run out; you just have to keep playing till someone wins.

It’s a sport where the Cy Young winning pitcher can be picked up by an offense that has somehow been reborn.

It’s a sport with the highest of highs (just ask Carlos Ruiz) and the lowest of lows (just ask Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez.)

That’s baseball.

It’s also a sport with a grueling schedule.  The Phillies have another short turn-around game today followed by a flight to the West Coast where they will start a three game Interleague series tomorrow night with the Seattle Mariners, only one game out in the AL West.

Both teams might be dragging a bit today at the Bank (just my luck as I’ll be there) but I think the Phillies slept a lot better last night than the Marlins.

Come on, all together now:

That’s baseball.

2 Responses to “That’s Baseball”

  1. geetie June 16, 2011 at 11:23 am #

    WOW indeed. I hope the high they are on lasts thru today’s game. They can rest on the plane.

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