This Is What It’s All About!

8 Jul

What a way to finish the first half of the season.  The Philadelphia Phillies playing the Atlanta Braves in a three game series with the lead at only at 2 1/2 games.

Now this is what it’s all about! 

The Phillies really have had an amazing first half.  I just heard Buster Olney, ESPN’s basbeall analyst, pick the Phillies as the best team heading into the All-Star Break.  In his words, “They lived up to all the hype.”  With a statement like that and a record of 55-33, 22 games over .500, you’d think the Phillies would be comfortably in first place, right?  Not so fast.

I have to admit that it is truly amazing how those Atlanta Braves have kept up, even gaining ground recently, every step of the way.  The Phillies and the Braves will finish with the two best records in baseball and in the big scheme of things, this series starting tonight against the Braves is much more significant than that overly hyped Phils/Red Sox one recently.

Yes, this is what it’s all about!

So here we go. And forgetting for a minute the pressures that will face both teams, and the fans!, this should be fun.   No, a series in July may not be the deciding factor as to who will win the division but it doesn’t come any better than this.  Three games to play, only 2 1/2 games separating these two teams–you do the math.  And with Halladay, Lee, and Hamels going for the Phils–what more can we ask??

Oh, this is what it’s all about!

The rival Braves are in town and the Phillies ‘Big Three’ are on the mound.  One of these two teams will head into the All-Star Break in first place.  And  since the Wild-Card era began in 1996, 73% of teams in first place at the Break have gone to the play-offs.  If you can’t get excited about this series, you’d better check your pulse.

So put some Ball Park Franks on the grill and some Miller Lites in the fridge.  Because,

This is really what it’s all about!

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