You Can’t Win ‘Em All

26 Jul

There is a reason why my title for today’s post is the most used cliche in sports.  Why?  Because, like many cliches, it is true.

So we can’t get too worked up over yesterday’s loss to the San Diego Padres.  After all, the Phillies won 3 out of 4 and it is never easy to sweep any series let alone a 4-gamer.  So the Phillies sit at 64-37 and thanks to a Pirates win over the Braves last night, the Phils remain 6 games up in the NL East, the biggest lead for any Division leader.

Pretty impressive numbers, right?  Well, for some other interesting and surprising stats, let’s take a look Inside the Numbers:

43      Consecutive games the Phillies have now gone without losing 2 in a row setting a club record.

17       RBI for Raul Ibanez in his last 15 games.  (That one’s for you, Hal.)

26      Points Jimmy Rollins has added to his batting average since July 2.  In the month of July so far, Rollins is batting .406 with 4 home runs and 11 RBI.  He is now at .277 for the season with 60 runs scored and 19 steals.  He is putting together his best overall season since his 2007 MVP year.

11      The number of pitches Brad Lidge threw in yesterday’s scoreless 7th inning, his first real pitches of the 2011 season.  Of the 11 pitches, 9 were sliders.  Some even looked quite nasty, almost like the Lidge of old.

0        Wins for Cliff Lee in July.  After a ridiculous record-setting June in which Lee won 5 games he has plummeted down to earth in July.  Good thing August is right around the corner.

60     The number of pitches that Roy Oswalt is scheduled to throw in a rehab start on Wednesday.  If all goes well, it could mean a return to the big club for Oswalt in the not too distant future.

0.94  The ERA of tonight’s Phillies starting pitcher Vance Worley in his last 6 starts.  Though many think he will be overmatched by Giants ace Tim Lincecum, Worley is 4-0 in those starts.

6       Days left before the trade dead line.  I don’t know about you but I’m ready to get there already so I can stop hearing all the incessant trade rumor talk and get back to talking baseball!

64      Phillies wins so far this season is second most in franchise history after 100 games.  (The Phils were 68-32 in 1976.)

But we don’t need the numbers to tell us that we are watching some amazing baseball so far this year.  I know for many it is World Series or bust but for those of us who lived through years where we were counting how many games the Phillies were under .500 instead of how many games they have over the Braves, these are the good times.

So enjoy the Giants series and don’t forget to keep smelling the hot dogs along the way.


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