Baseball, Hot Dogs, Earthquakes and Hurricanes

27 Aug

An earthquake, a hurricane and a loss to the Marlins?  What could possibly be next?  The Florida Marlins blew into town last night and beat the Phillies 6-5.  It is only the second time since May 31st that the Phillies have lost two games in a row.  Think about that one for a minute and you’ll realize what a truly earth-shaking season this has been so far.  (Sorry, couldn’t resist that one.)

With that in mind it seems downright ungrateful to complain about a single loss so I won’t.  But pitcher Roy Oswalt‘s struggles are a concern. After a dominating performance last week-end against the Nationals, Oswalt never seemed to hit his stride last night giving up 12 hits (which ties his career high) and all six of the Nationals runs in just 5  2/3 innings.

The Phillies will now play 32 games in 31 days to finish the regular season, assuming this afternoon’s game goes as planned, and a healthy Oswalt will be important during that brutal stretch.  Remember they haven’t clinched anything yet and those pesky tomahawk-chopping Braves are not going away.  After a loss to the Mets last night the Braves are still only 6 games back.  If you remember just a couple of years ago, the Phillies were  7  games behind the Mets on September 12th and still won the division on the last day of the regular season.

In a week where we had an earthquake and now a hurricane, can you blame a girl for sounding a bit concerned?  But after the game, Oswalt said that his back is fine and the slight drop in velocity on his fastball (2 m.p.h.) was no big deal.  I’d like to believe him.  I really would.  But as you must know by now I always need something to worry about.  (Just ask my husband.)

Today the Phillies will take the field at 1:00 hoping to beat both the Marlins and Hurricane Irene.  My money’s with the man on the mound.  “The Doc” is definitely the guy I want in the eye of the storm.

Gotta go now to see if there’s anything left at the Superfresh and to make sure my flashlights are working.  Nothing like a good old natural disaster to take my mind off the Phillies.

Stay safe everyone!!


One Response to “Baseball, Hot Dogs, Earthquakes and Hurricanes”

  1. Lea Dickler August 29, 2011 at 2:27 pm #

    this is a california interloper!
    2 losses in a row; oh boo-hoo
    try being a dodger fan
    we’re building grit back there
    No one is going to stop the phils this year

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