Hurricane Shane

30 Aug

As Day 3 of my new power-less life dawns, I must apologize for my lack of recent postings.  When Irene left town she took our lights, television and internet with her.  So bear with me for the next week or so.  I’ll try to get a couple of  posts out but they’ll probably be on the short side.  I hope everyone in the East is recovering well from our little adventure.

But it was a great relief to finally have baseball back last night.  And Shane Victorino sure hasn’t lost his power (like the smooth segue?)  His two-run homer in the eighth propelled the Phillies to a tight 3-2 win against the Reds.  With all the pre-season hype about the Four Aces and other Phillies superstars like Chase Utley and Ryan Howard, Shane can sometimes ‘fly’ a bit under the radar.

But this ‘Flyin’ Hawaiian‘ deserves to be front and center with the MVP-type year he has quietly been putting together for the Phillies.  Victorino has unquestionably been their most potent and consistent offensive weapon this season and is a major reason the Phillies are sitting atop the East.

The other big story last night was Cole Hamels.  ‘King Cole’ was brilliant allowing just 2 hits and one run while striking out seven in six innings.  They took him out after only 76 pitches to err on the side of caution but Hamels showed no ill effects from his long lay-off due to shoulder inflammation.  It did get a bit dicey in the eighth and ninth when both Michael Stutes and Ryan Madson put runners on base before retiring the side.

But the end result was a win for the Phillies, a strong bounce-back performance for Cole Hamels and a memorable night for my family (and our welcome visiting Dodger interloper) as we listened to the game on our battery-powered radio while sitting in our candle-lit living room.

I’ve always thought electricity was overrated!


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