‘Methinks He Doth Protest’

5 Sep

I’ve decided to lodge a protest to the man upstairs about today being the “unofficial” last day of summer.  I don’t think it’s fair that we lost more than a couple of days to earthquakes, hurricanes and power outages, not normal occurrences on the East Coast.  I’m also not happy with my tan and too many of our summer tomatoes have been eaten by squirrels.  If I win, we get to re-live part of the summer again later.  Wish me luck.  I know my 16-year-old son is rooting for me, hard.

I think the Phillies probably have as much of a chance to win their protest as I do.  (So you better complete that math packet, Spencer.)  Although the correct call was eventually made by the umpires I still don’t think it was an appropriate use of replay. It is only supposed to be used to review a home run call, to see if it was fair or foul or interfered with causing it ‘to be or not to be’ (a home run, that is.)

Once they decided to review the call on the field (which in itself was a bit unusual given the circumstances) shouldn’t they  have called it either a home run or a double?  By the way, the fans in the seats said that the ball hit the railing beyond the fence making it a home run but if I remember correctly it was the Phillies hat worn by one of those same fans that started the whole thing to begin with.  In fairness, the umpires did get the call right.  I’m not convinced that the ball would have been caught but a fan did clearly interfere.

It was a bizarre game that ended somewhat appropriately with a bases loaded walk in the 14th inning to give the Marlins the game and the series win.  To tell you the truth, I think the Phillies just wanted to get the game over with by that point and go home.  How else can you explain leaving reliever David Herndon (he of the home run ball) in the game for 3 2/3 innings and 69 pitches!  Of more concern is the Phillies inability to hit the Marlins sub-par pitching with men on base and the shaky performance of the bullpen throughout this series.

I’m also wondering why the Phillies have yet to bring up any September call-ups to help a clearly tired bullpen and even some tired-looking starters (like Chase Utley and Placido Polanco?)  Ryan Howard looks like he could use a break, as well.  Yes, I know the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs (the Phillies triple-A team) are fighting for a play-off spot but isn’t the minor league system primarily used to help the ‘big club?’  And wouldn’t the prospects prefer to get a chance to show their stuff at the major league level?

But back to the present.  Tonight the Phillies will start a three-game series with those pesky second place Atlanta Braves.  Winning two out of three would be just the thing to put that bizarre Marlins series behind them.

And methinks no one will protest that!


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