Ten Years Ago Today

11 Sep

The Phillies won again, this time in ten.  But today is not about baseball.  Today we reflect on ten years since the horrific terrorist attack on our country.

It’s hard to believe it has been ten years since that day when we all watched in disbelief and horror those images we will never forget. But many far more articulate than I will memorialize those events today.

So I will just take a moment for a personal reflection.  I remember how baseball, in its small way, helped me and many like me to heal and move on.  How our national pastime after six days of mourning tried to give all of us something to take our minds off those terrible events if only for a few hours.

For me, the iconic image from that return to the game I love was of Phillies manager at the time Larry Bowa.  He was always considered a tough guy.  Fiery and quick to anger.

But not on this night.

On this night he stood on the field with his team.

On this night he stood during the patriotic opening ceremonies honoring our policemen and women and our fire fighters.

On this night he stood as the color guard took the field trying desperately to control his emotions.  But when the first strains of his country’s National Anthem filled the stadium, he could control them no more.

On this night, the feisty manager’s tears flowed freely as he listened to our anthem and watched his country’s flag waving in the gentle evening  breeze.

And Larry cried for me on that night, too.  And for all of us who love our country and love its national pastime.

Thanks, Larry.

♦          ♦          ♦

Today’s post is dedicated to the friends and family of all those we lost.

I leave you with a short but powerful clip of Harry Kalas’s remarks on that first game back.

(For copyright reasons I was only able to show a bit but if you want to see the full clip, and you should, go to csnphilly.com.)

♦          ♦          ♦

♦          ♦          ♦

Have a peaceful day everyone.


2 Responses to “Ten Years Ago Today”

  1. Ray September 11, 2011 at 6:56 pm #

    Very poignant memory from a night baseball gave us all a small diversion from the pain.

    Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are always with those Lost and their families.

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