The ‘Doc’-tor Is In (the Play-Offs)

15 Sep

I know Cliff Lee is the trendier pick and they say he has more flair.

I know Cole Hamels looks the part of the leading man and he’s a home-grown guy who helped bring us a championship.

And yes, I know that Vance Worley kid’s got the mohawk thing going for him

But I’ll take Halladay, any day.

I’ll take his emotionless face and his stoic scowl.  I’ll take his wiping the sweat from his brow when he gets into (and more importantly, out of) a tight spot.  I’ll take his slow walk back to the dugout after the third out of an inning and his even slower smile but only after his job is done.

I’ll take Halladay, any day.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I love watching Lee sprint on and off the mound; Hamels is a true local hero;  I’m still rooting for Oswalt to come back strong; and Worley has been a wonderful surprise.  But when the Phillies need a win, when they’ve lost three in a row for the first time since early June, when the offense is just not getting it done…

I’ll take Halladay, any day.

And Roy Halladay got the job done again, yesterday, giving the Phillies the win they needed to clinch a spot in the post season for the fifth straight year.  But there was no big celebration of this accomplishment, no champagne corks were popping.  The Phillies reflected the all-business demeanor of their winning pitcher yesterday because their work has just begun.

Their magic number is now 4 to clinch the NL East and 6 to clinch home field throughout the play-offs, their real goal since with a win in this year’s All-Star game the NL clinched home field for the World Series.  But while it may have been just another ordinary win for the Phillies, it took an extraordinary performance from their starting pitcher to get it done.

Halladay pitched a complete game (his eighth) shut-out (his first) and he had to since his team could only muster one run which they scored in the first inning.  Halladay had more strike-outs (7) than the Astros had hits (6) and after wiggling out of some early jams, he was in complete control.  And that’s one more reason…Oh, no, is she going to say it again? Yes I am!  Humor me.

I’ll take Halladay, any day.

There has been much said and written lately about who should be the Phillies play-off starter?  Many feel that Lee has been more dominant and should be moved to the number one slot.  But without demeaning Lee ,who has been everything we hoped for and more, he’s doing great in his current role following Halladay.  I can almost hear Charlie Manuel saying it now, “Why fix what ain’t broke?” and aren’t you supposed to “ride the horse that got you here?”

Let’s see, have I missed any other over-used expressions? Oh yeah, there’s one more.  Say it with me if you want.

I’ll take Halladay, any day!

3 Responses to “The ‘Doc’-tor Is In (the Play-Offs)”

  1. geetie cohen September 15, 2011 at 5:21 pm #

    A heartfelt AMEN !!!!

  2. Fern Zeigler September 16, 2011 at 12:51 am #

    I know!!!!!!! you should be a speech writer!

    • Susan Cohen-Dickler September 16, 2011 at 2:25 pm #

      Not sure there’s much call for baseball speech writers but thanks I guess 🙂

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