My Big News

30 Nov

I am re-sending the previous post since the amazon link did not work so forgive the repeat but this link should get you there.  Sorry!

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well and had nice Thanksgiving holidays.  Today, I don’t have any Phillies news to share but I have some major news of my own.  I’ve written an eBook!  And it’s based on Girls Best Phriend.

It’s called “The Cure:  Learn to Love the Phillies Again.”  I think I wrote it more as therapy for fans like all of us who had a hard time getting one the end to the Phillies 2011 season.  It’s really more of a personal essay written in the style of my blog and it’s a quick read (I hope) at 55 pages.
While it does include excerpts from the blog it also has a lot of new stuff that I hope you will enjoy like my thoughts about baseball and life, and how this whole baseball thing started for me.  Including personal stories like the role baseball played in my husband’s and my date.  (Like that tease??)
It’s available at in the Kindle division (but you don’t need a kindle to read it!)  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do so I’m excited (and a bit nervous) to have it out there.
I hope you’ll check it out.  Here’s the link and you can’t beat the price :)
And if you like it (or if you like me), please consider writing a review on amazon or passing.  Apparently it’s the reviews that most help book sales.  Or pass the link on to a fellow Phillies fan.  As my sister reminded me, it’s a great gift for the holidays.  And you don’t even have to wait in line!
OK, shameless plug completed.  Thanks for reading.
Have a great day.

3 Responses to “My Big News”

  1. Ray November 30, 2011 at 10:24 pm #

    Hello all,

    I got a chance to read Susan’s book already. It’s a great read and explains why she started this wonderful blog. It gives a added perspective to her thoughts and reasons for doing it. I suggest you pick up a copy and read, read, read. It is money well spent.

    Susan, as always a great job. Keep up the writing, keep up the good work. It’s only 2 short months to pitchers and catchers…..and blogging again 🙂

    • girlsbestphriend December 1, 2011 at 12:07 pm #

      Thanks, Ray. I’m so glad you enjoyed “The Cure.” And a big thank you for taking the time to comment! Two months isn’t so long, right??

      • Ray December 1, 2011 at 2:02 pm #

        Not too too long. Hopefully a quick two months!!!

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