Let’s Get This Party Started

4 Mar

And so we did.  Finally.  Maybe we can all mercifully put that woeful image of Ryan Howard being helped off the field behind us and move on to a brighter day.  Hey,  ‘it’s always sunny in Clearwater.’

Yes it was just a Spring Training game; and yes the Phillies lost to the “evil empire;” and yes by the third inning Larry Anderson had no idea of the names of the players on either team; and yes I loved every minute of it.

These were some of my highlights:

 Seeing Jim Thome in a Phillies uniform again and hearing the great ovation he was given by the fans.  Imagine what it will be like when he takes the field for the first time at the Bank.  (By the way, there was a great interview with Thome and manager Charlie Manuel before the game.  Charlie first met Thome when he was just 18.  It’s quite a special bond these two men share.  Check it out if you can.)

 And come on, admit it, you were cheering, too, when Raul Ibanez, even in that unfamiliar Yankees garb, got an rbi in the first.  And what did Rauuul have to say about his time with the Phillies?:  “My time in Philadelphia was nothing short of extraordinary.”  So were you Raul; so were you.

 Getting a first look at Jonathan Papelbon was a treat.  I loved his answer when asked why he wanted to come to Philadelphia.  He said that when the Red Sox used to come to Philly to play, he’d “look across at their dugout and you’d see nuthin’ but a bunch of grinders.”  (Maybe he just meant they weren’t eating fried chicken and drinking beer in the Phillies dugout.  I’m just sayin.’)   Well he ‘grinded’ out a one-two-three inning yesterday.  Let’s hope that’s the first of many from our new closer.

 Hunter Pence wasted no time in showing us the joys of having him with the Phillies for a full season with his first inning blast.

 And did you happen to hear the beginning of the radio broadcast?  Scott Franzke and Larry Andersen were already in mid-season form with Franzke ribbing his partner about his wardrobe choice:  “That’s quite a shirt you chose to wear for day one, partner.”  (Apparently it was a bright paisley.)  Keep it coming, boys!

 And how about seeing Dontrelle “the D Train” Willis on the mound?  That takes me back.  But the real question is, can he get it back.  (A shout-out to my son for reminding me of that cool nickname.)

Of course, we still have our questions.  How is Chase Utley‘s knee?  And how healthy is Placido Polanco?  Did Ryan Howard really have a “setback” and when is he likely to be back in the line-up?

But yesterday’s biggest highlight was simply that baseball is back, Spring can’t be far behind and all will again be right with the world.


4 Responses to “Let’s Get This Party Started”

  1. Lea Dickler March 4, 2012 at 5:03 pm #

    Hi Susan. My comment might come in twice. I said “My highlight of the day (today) was reading your blog. It brought my spirits up and I needed that!!!

  2. Ray March 4, 2012 at 5:40 pm #


    Ah yes, Phillies baseball !!!!!!! A nice look at our up and coming players and our first view of the news pieces we added since the end of last season. Yes, it’s almost painful to see Raul in a Yankee uniform, but he is nothing but classy and will serve his role in NY with the same zeal he had for us in Philly.

    Did I say ah yesss baseball 🙂 lol

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