The Ageless Wonder

19 Apr

A pitcher, pitching out of his mind, is a terrible thing to waste. But the Phillies managed to do just that last night.  Cliff Lee pitched brilliantly throwing 10 shut-out innings with only 102 total pitches and an amazing 81 of them for strikes.  But the Phillies, after blowing a golden scoring opportunity in the top of the 11th, lost it in the bottom with some shoddy defense.

Lee deserved a much better fate but  I thought I’d try to start your day out on a more upbeat note with the story of another pitcher.  He’s an old (and I do mean old) friend with a new record.

On April 17th, Jamie Moyer became the oldest pitcher to win a game in Major League Baseball history.  At 49 years and 150 days old (but who’s counting) and a 78 mile-an-hour fast ball, Moyer did not allow an earned run in seven innings as his Colorado Rockies beat the San Diego Padres 5-3.

Moyer pitched his first game in 1986 against none other than your Philadelphia Phillies.

The opposing pitcher was Lefty Steve CarltonCarlton has already been in the Hall of Fame for over 17 years but Jamie’s still pitching.

Mike Schmidt was in the Phillies line-up that night.  Mike Schmidt retired 23 years ago but Jamie’s still pitching.

Jamie Moyer has been in the league seven years longer than the Colorado Rockies franchise for which he now works.

To get the win he beat a pitcher half his age and a young Padres team with six players who weren’t even born when Moyer made his major league debut.

And perhaps most impressive of all, he accomplished this feat after having Tommy John surgery.  The chances of a pitcher returning to the mound after having that surgery at age 38 would be considered highly unlikely.  Jamie had it at 48!

It was Moyer’s 268th career win, tying him with Jim Palmer for 34th on the all-time career list and he now sports the best era of any of the starters on the Rockies pitching staff.

So instead of bemoaning one frustrating loss on this beautiful Spring morning, I’ll choose to celebrate an historic victory.

I’ll celebrate the career of a man who defies the odds every time he steps on the mound, of a 49 year old who reminds us what sport is really all about.

Let’s celebrate our old friend and his new record.

Way to go, Jamie.  Just 32 more till 300!


One Response to “The Ageless Wonder”

  1. Ray April 19, 2012 at 1:43 pm #

    Hello Susan,

    Good for Jamie, very classy guy. And he did that the other night without throwing any pitches over 80-85 Mph, simply amazing in the days of 90+ pitchers.

    Shoddy defense or not, I still havent seen anything from Bastardo that makes me think he is even close to the form we saw early last year………

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