The Awarding of Degrees, Part II

30 May

Today continues my Commencement posts in honor of my daughter’s graduation from college on Memorial Day.  And if you’ve ever attended a graduation, just be thankful that you are enjoying this one in the comfort of your home or office and not sitting in those little white plastic chairs that start to stick to your legs as the hot sun beats down on you hour after hour.  (Not that I’m complaining!)

OK, on to the Phillies.

The Award for Outstanding Achievement in Imaginative Thinking and Creativity goes to Phillies manager


Anyone who has had to use over 30 different line-ups in 51 games must be creative.  Cliff Lee will be batting cleanup one of these days soon.

And speaking of Mr. Lee,

The Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Award goes to


If I didn’t see it in black and white there is no way I would believe that one of the best pitchers in baseball is still winless on May 30th.

The We Won’t Miss Him Until He’s Gone Award  goes to Phillies ace


The Fightins best starter this year by far is still not under contract.  I hope Ruben knows he’s playing with fire.

And speaking of Ruben,

The Donald Trump Prize in Economics goes to General Manager


While he hasn’t been shy to spend money, he has put himself in a bind with high long-term contracts and some needs still to fill.  He will need to use all of his economic excellence this year or he may hear something else from the Donald:  “You’re fired!”

The Larry Bowa Prize for Overachievement by a Little Guy is awarded to


He has been one of the few bright spots this year fielding an excellent second base, not his natural position, and unexpectedly driving in some key runs in the clutch.

The Award for Excellence in…well Excellence in Everything (including his nickname)goes to

CARLOS “Chooooooch” RUIZ

The Phillies catcher is having an MVP season leading the team (and all catchers in baseball) in almost every category.  To put it simply, if the Phillies didn’t have Ruiz this year, their season might be already over.

OK,  just a couple more.  Hey, you shouldn’t be complaining.  Is your chair sticking to your sweaty thighs???

The Doctorate In  Need of a Doctor Award goes to many this year:


You remember them, right?

and the most recent unfortunate addition to this list in the “Now Even the “Doc” Needs a Doctor” category is


Too bad Carlos Ruiz can’t catch and pitch.

And finally the Tug McGraw Memorial “You Gotta Believe” Award goes to the


all of you who night after night keep cheering (with some occasional cursing in my case) your team on, willing them to win.

As for my daughter, she graduated with much distinction of her own.

We are still smiling from a very special weekend for all of us.

And the very final award, I promise, is in the very useful category of

The Best Place to Stay the Next Time You Find Yourself in Oberlin, Ohio.  And the award goes to… yep you guessed it

The Cabin in the Woods

True to it’s name it was a cabin the woods but lovingly built, beautiful, comfortable and peaceful.  A special shout out to our hosts Walt and Peggy who made our stay absolutely perfect.

Congratulations to all our award winners, especially my daughter!  Let’s hope we have some even better awards to present at year’s end.  Awards involving trophies and rings!!

2 Responses to “The Awarding of Degrees, Part II”

  1. geetie cohen May 30, 2012 at 2:30 pm #

    Pardon my bias, or don’t,my awarding of degrees goes to this two part blog. It has it all information, humor and love.You can’t beat that.

    • Susan Cohen-Dickler May 31, 2012 at 9:26 pm #

      And I didn’t need a cap or gown!

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