Baseball, Hot Dogs, Kyle Kendrick and Rain Delays

2 Jun

Well, we were “sittin’ in the rain, just sittin’ in the rain”  and it was kind of a “glorious feeling” for an inning or two but when the mist turned to a steady drizzle which began to affect the consistency of my hot dog bun, I headed for cover almost knocking over Phillies sideline reporter David Murphy in my haste, though I did take a moment to tell him I enjoyed his work.  Credit goes to my daughter and her friend who sat it out until the rain became nothing short of a downpour and the dreaded tarp was rolled out.

Thus ended our night at the ballpark.  No we weren’t there after the 48-minute rain delay  since according to my husband’s usually reliable Weather Channel iPhone app, the radar picture looked bleak.  Even Larry Anderson was skeptical about finishing this one.  But I guess even iPhones and ex-relief pitchers turned entertaining color commentators can be wrong sometimes.

By the time Hunter Pence hit his two-run homer in the fifth, we were pulling into our driveway.  So let me offer my humble apologies to Kyle Kenrick.  It wasn’t his pitching that did us in last night but some ill-timed rain and to Kyle’s credit he even came back after the delay and though he promptly gave up a lead-off double, he pitched his way out of  the fifth  inning without allowing a run, earning him the win.

Other highlights, many watched from the dry comfort of our den, included a rare 5 out save by under appreciated closer Jonathan Papelbon bringing him to a perfect 15-15 in save opportunities.  As for the suddenly resurgent Phillies offense, their 2, 3 and 4 batters each had three hits apiece including, Placido Polanco, Hunter Pence and the ridiculously hot Carlos Ruiz who ended the game leading all of Major League Baseball in hitting with  a .381 average.  As my son said, “that is just sick.”

But it was my damp but undaunted daughter who wrapped up the evening perfectly.  “We had hot dogs and cheese fries and the Phillies won so that’s what I call a successful night.”  And how right she was.  See, I knew that college education would be worth something.  Thanks, Drew!

Don’t forget that today’s game has a 4:05 start .  With Cole Hamels on the hill, going for his league-leading ninth win it will be must see tv.  By the way, Cole only has one loss this season to these very same Miami Marlins way  back on April 9th.  You wanna talk about “sick.”


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