Why Hope?

11 Jun

Not knowing what to say or where to turn this morning, I decided to express my feelings in a song.  And what better song than the one made famous to Phillies fans by our beloved Harry Kalas.  We haven’t had much opportunity to sing it this year so you may have forgotten the lyrics.

 Why Hope?

(sung to the tune of “High Hopes”)

◊   ◊    ◊   

Next time the Phils, have you writing your wills,

Your life is worth living still, put down the pills.

◊     ◊     ◊

Just what makes our GM Ruben

Think he’s got the players to win

Watch this team and you will say, they

Belong in Triple A.

◊   ◊    ◊

So I say why hope, why even try hope,

I’ve just got to sigh, say goodbye hope.

◊    ◊    ◊

So any time you’re getting low,

From watching Fontenot

Yes, we’re playing the dregs

Oops there goes another ball through his legs.

◊    ◊    ◊

When nothing makes sense, and your team’s back’s to the fence,

Just hope your clean-up man’s, not Hunter Pence.

◊    ◊   ◊

Once we had Ryan Howard and Chase

Once our pitchers were ace after ace

But now we have Schwimmer and Savery

And still no wins for Cliff Lee.

◊    ◊     ◊

So I say why hope, why even try hope.

I’ve just got to sigh, say good-bye hope.

◊    ◊   ◊

So any time you’re getting sick

of watching Kyle Kendrick

 wasting money on this ballclub.

Ooops, there goes another no-name sub

Ooops there goes another awful flub

Oooops there goes more tickets up on Stubhub.

◊          ◊

Sorry, Harry.  At least you don’t have to do the play-by-play.


4 Responses to “Why Hope?”

  1. Lea Dickler June 11, 2012 at 2:03 pm #

    Sooo sad!!! Wish I could make it all better.Maybe a day’s rest will help. There are no words.

  2. Ray June 11, 2012 at 8:21 pm #


    Yet again, you say what the rest of us are thinking…..what oh what..oh what has happened to our Phillies…big sigh…..

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