Apparently Not

22 Jun

I really thought that the crazy come from behind win the other night might be the start of something for the Phillies.

Apparently not.

I thought that after getting swept by the Blue Jays in Toronto that this team had finally found the bottom and had nowhere to go but up.

Apparently not.

I thought they would complete the sweep against the Rockies, whose 2-12 record since June 4 is the second worst in baseball.

Again, apparently not.

I thought the Phillies offense would have a “field day” against Rockies pitcher Jeff Francis who came into the game with a 12.46 ERA, especially on a hot muggy night.  Isn’t this the kind of weather that Charlie Manuel calls “hitting season?”

 Apparently not.

Because after a leadoff home run by Jimmy Rollins, the bats again went silent.  The  Phillies were back to their old tricks going 0-9 with runners in scoring position wasting a strong outing by Vance Worley who allowed just four hits and two runs in seven innings.  That should be good enough to beat a bad Rockies team.  But unfortunately for Worley,

 Apparently not.

Which brings me to the sad conclusion that this Phillies team just isn’t that good.  There are too many holes in too many places.  A good team doesn’t get a leadoff double by Ty Wigginton and not find a way to get that run home.  The next batter Hunter Pence struck out on a bad pitch looking like he was swinging for the fences. If he had just done his job instead and played good baseball, fundamental baseball, moving the runner to third on a ground ball, Wigginton  would have scored easily on Carlos Ruiz’s long fly ball.  Instead with two outs, and that tying run tantalizingly on third, Shane Victorino hit an all-too-familiar infield pop-up to end the inning.  Good teams, winning teams, have to find a way to pull out those games.  Are the Phillies one of those teams?

Sadly, apparently not.  

Sorry to be such a bummer on a beautiful Friday morning.  I thought I might wake up and think of something good to say.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.  But am I feeling good about my team today?  Come on, you know what’s coming…

Unfortunately, apparently not.


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