Big Joe and Little Jimmy

26 Jun

He is the second winningest Phillies pitcher with 7 wins trailing only Cole Hamels who has 10.  In fact at 7-6, he is the only other starter with a winning record.  Who would have thought that on June 26th, Joe Blanton would have more wins than Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay?  In fact, get ready for this one, Big Joe has more wins than Halladay (4) and Lee (0) combined.

That in a nutshell tells you everything you need to know about this crazy Phillies season.  It’s not always pretty but somehow Big Joe gets the job done.  Last night he had eight strikeouts and only allowed two earned runs in seven strong innings to give his team a much needed win.  After the game, Joe was almost philosophical.

“Hopefully we’ll start something fresh. All winning streaks start after a loss. Hopefully we can get something good going.”

OK, I said almost.  And for a team that has had more experience with losing this season than winning, it never hurts to state the obvious.  It also never hurts to have a red-hot Jimmy Rollins in your line-up.

After a slow start that had many questioning his new multi-million dollar contract, J-Roll has come on strong in the month of June.  Last night, he hit his 4th home run in as many games.  This one came on a 3-0 green light from manager Charlie Manuel.

“[Manuel] gave me the green light, so I swung,” Rollins said.

And Jimmy has certainly earned that green light the way he’s been hitting the ball lately.  Rollins is hitting .343 with 10 doubles, two triples, seven home runs, 18 RBIs and 21 runs scored in the 25 games since May 28.  That’ll get you a lot of green lights.

So on we go.

Maybe Big Joe will be right and it will be the beginning of a winning streak.

Maybe J-Roll will ignite the rest of the team with his hot bat.

Maybe Chase Utley will be the psychological boost the Phillies need to go on a second half run.

Yep, that’s a lot of maybe’s but a girl can dream, right?


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