Another Way To Lose

8 Jul

Well truth be told, I did not see a single pitch of the Phillies‘  latest loss.  I had a much more entertaining way to spend my evening.   One thing the Phillies have decidedly not been this year is entertaining.  But to my rescue comes good friend and longtime blog reader Hal Rosenbluth with today’s guest entry.  Thanks, Hal!

 Five Ways Phillies Have Yet To Lose A Game in the Ninth

1) Away game “walk off hit by pitch” with bases loaded

2) Called third strike in the bottom of the ninth when Fontenot passes out at the plate as pitch is delivered

3) Cliff Lee leaves bench after being pulled in tie game in the top of the ninth and runs over to the third base line and tackles Jimmy Rollins before he crosses the plate. Lee admitted to psychiatric facility after game claiming he didn’t remember the incident or any of the other twelve games the Phillies didn’t score for him.

4)  Well, you get the point.

Yes we do, Hal.  Thanks for filling in and an extra thanks for showing us a little mercy by stopping at four although I’m sure there will be another to add very soon, maybe even today!

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!  And just think, starting tomorrow we will all have a well-deserved four day break from this disaster of a baseball season.  (Well-deserved by the fans, that is, not the team.)


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