Deja Vu All Over Again

14 Jul

If I hadn’t lived through the longest Home Run Derby in All Star history (“back, back, back, back, back….”) I would swear this was still the first half of the baseball season.  I mean last night’s game was a carbon copy of all that has gone wrong for the Phillies this year.

An ok but not great six innings by the starting pitcher, a really not great, in fact downright awful, effort from the bull pen, and very little offense against a rookie pitcher who, before last night, had gone 1-3 with a 9.62 ERA at Coors Field this season.

Sounds a lot like the Phillies first half to me.  And who was the starting pitcher who is now 1-6 after the loss?  Yep, it was that Cliff Lee who was overmatched by Colorado rookie Christian Friedrich who only gave up one run and struck out seven as the Rockies beat the Phillies 6-2.

Even manager Charlie Manuel’s post game comments sounded the same:

I do shake my head, I can’t believe we can’t win with Cliff pitching.” 

Well, you’re not alone, Charlie.  We can’t believe it, either.

But this is the season’s second half and despite the similar game story lines there is one big plot difference looming.  It’s called the Trade Deadline and it’s a little over two weeks away.  These next ten games will go a long way towards deciding whether the Phillies will be buyers or sellers.

If last night’s performance is any indication, there will be no ‘happy endings’ for a lot of old friends who could be wearing new jerseys come August 1st.

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