The “New Look” Phillies

3 Aug

Well, I don’t know about you but if you had told me that on August 2, in a game against  a division rival, the Phillies would field an outfield of John Mayberry in right, Michael Martinez in center and Domonic Brown in left, I would have laughed out loud.  Add to that, Kevin Frandsen at third and Ty Wigginton at first and I would have thought you were suffering from heat stroke.  But that, indeed, was the team that lost last night’s game, an opportunity to sweep the first place Washington Nationals.

These, my friends, are the “New Look” Phillies.  Not exactly the stretch run we were expecting but hopefully just a detour on the long road back to respectability.  Didn’t expect to be writing that sentence either.

But now that the dust has settled, it’s hard to argue with trying to give this team the flexibility they will need to fill some key positions for next year, which is how I’m characterizing the Trade Deadline deals.  The challenge for the Phillies and Ruben Amaro, however, is that though trading Hunter Pence and Shane Victorino does give the team some payroll room, it also gives them two more positions to fill, (center and right field,) in addition to third and left and the bullpen and that’s assuming, of course, that Ryan Howard and Chase Utley enter next season healthy.

Whew!  It’s hard to believe that not too long ago the Phillies starting line-up, not to mention the pitching staff, was like fielding an all-star team every night.  But that, my friends, was then and this is now.  So here we go on the long road back.  After 5 straight Division titles and a couple more years of exciting baseball before that, I’ve decided the Phillies have earned a little faith on my part.  Although, truth be told, you wouldn’t have called my reaction to last night’s lineup good faith.

But these are the New Look Philiies at least for now.  We just have to learn how to be New Look phans.  I’ll let you know if I figure that one out.


2 Responses to “The “New Look” Phillies”

  1. Ray August 3, 2012 at 11:57 am #


    The next few months give the Philly Iron Pigs (since there are about 7 pigs up now…) a chance to show what they have got. If they don’t, the Phillies will spend the off season shopping for quite a bit of position players.

    They gave us a good run, now it looks like its back to old days of mediocrity…,

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