That Is A Good Sign

6 Aug

Well, they may be sellers but they’re not in the cellar.  That’s right.  After yesterday’s come-from-behind victory against the Arizona Diamondbacks, (and a Marlins loss to the Nationals,) for the first time since June 27th the Phillies are not in last place.  Woo-hoo!  Who knew that would be cause for celebration but yes,

That is a good sign.

Ironically, since dealing off several outfield starters at the Trade Deadline and pitcher Joe Blanton soon after, the Phillies have won back-to-back series against the Washington Nationals and the D-backs.

And that is a good sign.

In the bottom of the ninth of a tie game yesterday, the Diamondbacks elected to intentionally walk Chase Utley to get to Ryan HowardSay what?  Yep, the D-backs decided that with the game on the line, their best option was to load the bases and face Phils’ clean-up hitter Ryan Howard.

No, that’s not the good sign.

In fact, Howard had struck out in 25 of his previous 47 at-bats, including three strikeouts on Sunday, when he stepped to the plate in the ninth.

Nope, that’s not it, either.

But ‘The Big Piece’ made the D-backs pay, lining a single to right scoring Juan Pierre from third, giving the Phillies the victory and another series win.

Now, there’s the good sign!

With Carlos Ruiz sidelined for at least six weeks with his aching foot, back-up catcher Eric Kratz is taking full advantage of his opportunity.  Kratz is batting .391 in seven starts with four home runs and nine RBIs.  Not bad for the 32-year-old minor league veteran.  For those of us bemoaning the absence of Chooch, unquestionably the Phils’  MVP this season, Kratz’s performance has been a welcome surprise and yes, you guessed it…

It’s certainly another good sign.

And let’s not forget two-time Cy Young winner Roy Halladay.  In his start on Saturday he pitched seven shutout innings giving up just three hits to earn his first win since May 17.  His dominant performance gives us reason to believe that yes, there is a “Doc”-tor in the house.

And that’s definitely a good sign. 

Add in Domonic Brown who is starting to look like he might be a real hitter, having lots of good at-bats and not a lot of strikeouts.  And Chase Utley (dare I say it?) who is looking stronger every day since his return, actually having stretches where he looks like the Utley of old and…

Those are two more very good signs.

So there you have it.  A couple of weeks with more wins than losses and a climb out of the cellar.  If the Phillies can just keep things rolling in their upcoming rematch against the Atlanta Braves, all together now…

That would really be a good sign!


3 Responses to “That Is A Good Sign”

  1. Michael Gillen August 6, 2012 at 4:41 pm #

    Nice post, Susan!

  2. geetie cohen August 6, 2012 at 5:42 pm #

    It’s good to read an almost half full post again. Keep looking for bright spots !!!

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