The “Doc” Rocks

11 Aug

OK, I’ll admit it.  I’m a sucker for alumni weekend.  Seeing all the old guys marching out of the dugout in their Phillies jerseys always leaves me misty-eyed.  Even Mike Lieberthal’s speech left me teary though I was one of those fans who, shall we say, was less than enthusiastic about the Phillies choice for their newest Wall of Fame inductee.

But “Lieby’s” gracious and humble remarks won me over.  He was clearly shocked and thrilled to be honored by his former team and when he thanked legendary broadcaster Harry Kalas and beloved coach John Vukovich, I was a goner.


And then, of course, as if I needed more reason to cry, there was still a baseball game to be played.  But this game, like the induction ceremony before it, was a welcome blast from the past.

Roy Halladay pitching  like the Halladay of old allowed just one run on two hits in eight brilliant innings.  The only ones brought to tears last night were the Cardinals hitters as the “Doc” struck out eight and did not issue a single walk.  He retired the last 12 batters he faced and 16 of the final 17.  Over his last two starts, he is 2-0 with a 0.60 ERA.

But it all could have been for naught if not for another Phillie who seems to be turning back the clock lately.  Chase Utley, looking more and more like the player we feared we might not see again, blasted a two-run shot in the bottom of the eighth to give Doc and the Phillies the lead.

Jonathan Papelbon got his 25th save and the Phils went on to win 3-1.  All in all a great night at the ‘Bank.’  In a year when the highlights have been few and far between, Doc and Chase certainly gave the crowd their money’s worth last night.  In fact, they better save two spots on that Wall of Fame.  Let’s just hope they don’t have to fill them too soon.

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