Home Field Dis-Advantage

22 Aug

This has been a strange and disappointing year for the Philadelphia Phillies.  But pitcher Cliff Lee’s season has been the strangest of all.  In fact, the only thing stranger than Lee‘s season is the Phillies giving out Hunter Pence bobbleheads on the same night that  Pence, the former Phil turned San Francisco Giant was playing against former Phil now LA Dodger Shane Victorino.

What a difference a month makes!

But I digress.  While Lee was not charged with the loss last night, he didn’t get the win either which means that Cliff Lee has not won a game in the formerly friendly confines of Citizens Bank Park since September 5 of last season.

Ahhh, last season.  The good old days.  Certainly for Lee who went  17-8 with a 2.40 ERA and a career-high 6 shutouts.  He was third in the Cy Young voting.  In short, last season, there wasn’t much that Cliff Lee could do wrong when he was on the mound.

Oh what a difference a year makes.

This year, it seems, there’s not much Lee can do right.  In his 10 starts at the Bank he is 0-5 with a 4.42 ERA. Last year’s home record?  Spoiler alert reading this might spoil your day!

Last year Lee was 11-3 at home with a 1.94 ERA.  (I told you it would ruin your day.)

Lee’s overall record this year is 2-7.  Now all of those losses can’t be laid solely at the feet (or should I say arm) of Cliff Lee.  It has truly been a team effort.  In 10 of Lee’s starts this season, the Phillies have scored three runs or less.  Hey, who says this team isn’t consistent?

So another night, another loss.  It almost looked like the Phillies might go on a mini-winning streak there for a second.  They had won three in a row before last night and they did wage two comebacks.  Last season, this was the kind of game they would have won.

But  what a difference a season makes.

OK, so Cliff Lee didn’t get the win.  But, hey, at least he didn’t get the loss.  And he finished the game without needing x-rays (unlike another guy in town who uses his arm to make a living.)


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