Number, Numbers, Numbers

22 Sep

The games are counting down and the pressure is heating up.  These days, it’s all about the numbers.

  11            The number of innings it took the Chicago Cubs to beat the St. Louis Cardinals with a walk-off win which means that…

   3         ♦   The Phillies are now only 3 games back in the chase for the Wild Card

  14        ♦   Games under .500 was the Phils record on July 13

   4         ♦   Home runs last night was a season high: one each for Kevin Frandsen, Ryan Howard, Carlos Ruiz and Chase Utley

   7          ♦   The number of times the Phillies have hit back-to-back homers like Howard and Chooch did last night

   8         ♦  RBI’s for Ryan Howard in the last three games including a home run in each of them which leads to….

.343      ♦  Howard’s batting average with runners in scoring position.  (That one’s for those of you who think all he does is strike out!)

 120       ♦   Number of games the retiring Chipper Jones has played at the Vet and the Bank.  Love him or hate him, he’s had a spectacular career.    “Laaaaary.”

 2.17      ♦   The ERA for last night’s winning pitcher, my man Kyle Kendrick, in his last eight starts.

   1          ♦  Number of home runs Ryan Howard needs to reach 300 and Chase Utley needs to reach 200.

  11         ♦  We end where we started.  This time it’s the number of games left in the season.  Let’s just be thankful they’re worth watching!


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