Philadelphia Phillies: A Strange Start

8 Apr

I’ve been watching baseball for a long time now.

This is where you say “How long ?”

And I say, “None of your bleepin’ business.”

Sorry.  But let’s just say I know my way around the ball park.  And in all those years I can’t remember a beginning to a season as strange as this one has been.

We win when we should lose; we lose when we should win.

Our ace pitchers are giving up runs like it’s their job.

Our normally dead offense is hitting and scoring runs.  But only in the first inning and the last, in between the bats go silent.  ‘You can hear a pin drop’ silent.

The Phillies have scored 8 runs in the ninth inning of the last two games and I don’t know about you but after being shocked about their comeback Saturday night, I firmly expected them to pull yesterday’s game out.

Tonight Roy Halladay takes the hill for his second start and with all my baseball watching experience behind me do you want to know what I think will happen?

This is where you say, “Yes, tell us what will happen?”

And I say, “I have no bleepin’ idea.”

Sorry.  Can anyone lend me a quarter?

2 Responses to “Philadelphia Phillies: A Strange Start”

  1. Ray April 8, 2013 at 12:08 pm #


    If this keeps up we are all going to need tons of bleeping quarters…….

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