Just What the “Doc”-tor Ordered

15 Apr

Yes it was just the Miami Marlins.

And yes, they didn’t even have their best hitter, Giancarlo Stanton, in the line-up.

But no, that doesn’t take anything away from Roy Halladay who pitched eight strong innings Sunday as the Phillies beat the Miami Marlins 2-1.

Yes, the Marlins were 2-9 going into yesterday’s game.

And yes they have scored only 20 runs in 12 games.

But no, that didn’t make win number 200 any less sweet for the Doc whose struggles have been widely documented.

Yes, Halladay was smiling after the game when teammates Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins presented him with a large bottle of celebratory champagne.

And yes, the Doc was happy to finally get win number 200 behind him.

But no, the personal milestones are not what he’s playing for.

“I’d rather win a World Series,” he told teammates who were celebrating his accomplishment.

And it was an accomplishment.  In his first two starts this season he threw 95 and 99 pitches respectively and didn’t make it through the fifth inning in either game.

Yesterday, it took Halladay just 87 pitches to complete eight innings, including a stretch where he retired 10 Marlin batters in a row.

Yes, this is the best game the Doc has thrown in quite a while.

And yes, there must have been a great sense of relief for both Halladay and the Phillies.

But no, when asked after the game, he said he didn’t need to go in a back room in the clubhouse and yell after closer Jonathan Papelbon got the final out.

“I want to win a World Series, and that’s why I’m here,” he said.  “The personal milestones are great.  But the ultimate goal is to get to the playoffs and win a World Series, and when that happens, I’m going to go in the back room and yell.”

And yes, there will be plenty of fans yelling right along with him.

4 Responses to “Just What the “Doc”-tor Ordered”

  1. Sue Rothstein at 1:15 pm #

    Yes, I can be happy for a Phillies’ win even if I live in Atlanta! Thanks for celebrating with me over the weekend!

    • Susan Cohen-Dickler at 1:40 pm #

      It was really great to be there with everyone. And yes, you are a very generous Atlanta fan!!

  2. Ron Cori at 1:23 pm #

    It’s a start. The next start will be telling.

    • Susan Cohen-Dickler at 1:40 pm #

      Agreed on both counts!

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