I’m Mad As Hell

18 Apr

It is on mornings like this that I question my decision to continue blogging for one more year.

It is on mornings like this that I wonder why, why, why didn’t I become a soccer fan?

It is on mornings like this that I have to steer clear of my preferred sportstalk radio stations in favor of any station sure NOT to discuss last night’s one-sided slug fest.

And it is on morning’s like this that I  stare blankly at my computer screen wondering how I can be clever or witty or upbeat.

And you know what?  On this morning I decided I could not.

So if you’re looking for the bright side of last night’s double losses;

if you’re looking for the silver lining of losing the second game 11-2;

if you’re looking for the positive spin on a team that has scored  a total of four  runs in the last  four games while being swept by the Cincinnati Reds, you won’t find that here.

If that’s what you need this morning, you’d better look elsewhere. (I think the Phillies Ball Girls have a blog.)  Go ahead.  And do have a good day.

But if you’re still reading, you like me, must be mad as hell and don’t want to take it any more.

But if you’re still reading, you like me, have to be wondering: What’s the matter with this team?  It’s almost physically impossible for an offense to be this ineffective.   I mean, wouldn’t you even get a hit or two by accident?  Of course, that would mean actually getting a bat on the ball first.

Now I knew that this Phillies team wouldn’t be a juggernaut.  I knew that they wouldn’t be the favorites to make it to the playoffs or the frontrunners in their division.

But I didn’t expect them to sleepwalk through the season either.

I didn’t expect them to be, batting a woeful .207 (35 for 164) on this road trip.

I didn’t expect them to score in only 7 of their last 53 innings.

I didn’t expect them to make average pitchers like Homer Bailey and Bronson Arroyo look like Sandy Koufax.

And I certainly didn’t expect Yuniesky Betancourt, a utility infielder who spent Spring Training with the Phillies before signing a deal with the Milwaukee Brewers, to have more RBI’s than every Phillie except Chase Utley.  

He’s a utility infielder who didn’t even make the Phillies roster!

I really don’t mind losing.  (Although winning is more fun.)  But what I do mind are these nonchalant efforts inning after inning, night after night putting up 0 after 0 after 0 on the scoreboard.

It’s enough to drive a fan crazy.

Actually it’s enough to put a fan to sleep.

Hey, I think I found the silver lining. If they keep this up, I can stop taking my Advil PM.

3 Responses to “I’m Mad As Hell”

  1. Ray April 18, 2013 at 12:19 pm #


    It is exactly mornings like this that we need your blogging the most !!! (so keep the posts coming, no matter how disappointing our team might be…) You put to words what the rest of us are thinking and feeling !!!!

    You / us/ we should be mad as hell, as you are right, we are not even coming close to playing up to this teams potential. What can we as fans do, nothing really, except go for the ride with our team, in whatever direction they take us, good or bad (and right now…oh so bad)

    Pass me an Advil PM please……..

  2. Ron Cori April 18, 2013 at 1:02 pm #

    Phillies spit the bit
    Can’t get a hit…
    Playing like …. a bad team.

  3. Michael Gillen April 18, 2013 at 1:21 pm #

    Susan, truth be told, I have not been watching the Phillies yet this season. Three weeks in Australia–from where I did follow the blog–might have something to do with that. So, I chose LAST night to give it a try–oops, not a good choice. Truth be told again, I did not last long with it. But, I do appreciate your recap, and take so far on season.

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