Do You Think?

20 Apr

Do you think Ben Revere had to MapQuest the trip from first base to home plate?

?          ?          ?

Do you think Charlie Manuel drew names out of a hat to come up with last night’s line-up?

  ?          ?          ?            

 Do you think Kyle Kendrick said to Doc Halladay that he really needs to learn how to share?

?          ?          ?          

 Do you think Michael Young is the Phillies new cleanup hitter?

     ?          ?          ?        

 Do you think the end of Carlos Ruiz’s suspension is more anticipated than the return of the prodigal son?

?          ?          ?          

 Do you think Larry Anderson remembered how to put rbi’s on his scorecard?

     ?          ?          ?          

 Do you think the Phillies pitching staff is worried that the offense may have used up its allotment of runs for April?

?          ?          ?          

 Do you think Ty Wigginton was Ricky Bottalico’s standout star for the Phillies last night?

     ?          ?          ?          

 Do you think Ryan Howard’s day-to-day “groin injury” will keep him out of the lineup day after day?

?          ?          ?

Do you think Ryne Sandberg’s arm was sore this morning from the unfamiliar waving motion?

?          ?          ?

Do you think I’ll be able to watch the game tonight without a dwindling pile of quarters by my side???


2 Responses to “Do You Think?”

  1. Hal Rosenbluth April 21, 2013 at 5:42 pm #

    I’d pull Cliff Lee out of the starting rotation and have it bat cleanup!!!!!! I’d ship Ryan Howard to a spa to deal with his groin and then send him to Scranton to learn how to hit. I’d clone Michael Young and have him bat 5th thru 8th. I’d pull a double switch and move Charlie to do the game with Chris Wheeler and have Larry Anderson coach, while having Sarge move to coach first base, after all, there really is no play by play when the Phillies bat so having Charlie call the game is no loss.

    • girlsbestphriend April 21, 2013 at 7:06 pm #

      Now that’s the best laugh I’ve had in a long time!! I especially love the double switch.

      Thanks. I needed that!

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