Two In A Row!!

23 Apr

It seems that it’s been a long time since the Phillies were on a winning streak.  OK, it’s only two games in a row but these days I’ll take whatever I can get.  In fact, I’m so excited the team is winning that today’s blog features a top ten list.  I call it:

 The Top Ten Reasons I’m Happy the Phillies Have Won Two in a Row.

(clever name, right?)

OK, here we go with Number 10.

I’m running out of quarters, dimes, nickels and even pennies to put in the swear jar.

 Number 9

I’m losing my voice from yelling ” I’m mad as hell” out the window not to mention the neighbor’s complaints

Number 8 

How many creative ways can you write about a game when your team only scores one run or less?

 Number 7

My friend Hal will stop sending me negative but quite funny emails.  (Actually I might miss those.)

 Number 6

I’m tired of the Daily News Home Run Payoff inning being the highlight of the radio broadcast.:  “It’s easy to play, Scott.”      

(But if you’ve never listened, it’s quite entertaining.)

Number 5

Actually win or lose,  we’re two games closer to when Carlos Ruiz returns.

 Number 4

It’s getting hard to listen to Charlie Manuel, the hitting guru, stuttering through a post-game press conference trying to explain that you can’t win of you don’t hit.

 Number 3

I’m just really, really, really tired of losing.

 Number 2

When you write a sports blog, it’s like being a doctor.  Say what?  Well, when you’re a doctor and you go to a party or a gathering everyone wants to ask you about their ailments.  See where I’m going here? So when you’re a Phillies blogger and you go to a gathering everyone wants to ask you what’s wrong with the Phillies?  And I’ve run out of quippy answers to that question!

 And the number one reason I’m glad the Phillies have won two in  row?

I’m sick and tired of all my sports talk radio stations discussing nothing except who the Eagles should draft at number four.

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