A Beautiful Night for Baseball

17 May

Yes, it looks like perfect weather for a baseball game.  What makes it even better is that tonight is my first trip to Citizens Bank Park this season!  The first game of the year is always cause for celebration for many reasons but here are my :

 Top 10 Favorite Things at the Ballpark

 10. That first look at the beautiful, oh so green, playing field.

 9.  My first bite of a plump ballpark frank with mustard, of course.

 8.  Seeing Chase Utley this season looking so much like the Chase of seasons past.

 7.  Walking around the stadium with a stop at Harry the K’s to check out the view.

 6.   Introducing the ball park to a newbie.  Attending the game with us tonight is my son’s friend who has NEVER been to a baseball game!

 5.  The first bite of my second delicious ballpark frank.  I might put a little relish on this one.

 4.  Watching Ryan Howard hit a moonshot home run, maybe two???

 3.  Watching Cliff Lee run out to the mound and back to the dugout after a 1-2-3 inning.

 2.  Did I mention having a juicy ballpark hot dog?

And the number one thing I’m looking forward to tonight at the ball park?

 1.    Getting to watch a Phillies win!!  (And joining the crowd in singing “High Hopes” along with the great Harry Kalas.)


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