And That’s Why I Love Baseball

20 May

“It ain’t over till it’s over.”

Those oft-quoted words from the inimitable Yogi Berra were never more apt than they were yesterday.

No one could have seen the Phillies improbable ninth inning walk-off victory coming. Not even the staunchest fan could have seen a comeback by this near dead offense held scoreless for 16 innings before finally scratching out one run in the eighth.

But the Phillies entered the ninth still trailing 2-1 and to make matters worse after Delmon Young worked a walk to lead off the inning, Charlie Manuel opted to have Cliff Lee pinch run and he promptly got picked off of first.

Lee, who relishes any opportunity to get in a game when he’s not pitching, was devastated, thinking he had blown the game for his team.

“Unacceptable and basically brutal,” he said.

And for Lee, Eric Kratz’s home run that followed made things even worse.  Yes, the game was tied but had Lee not gotten picked off,  Kratz’s blast would have been a game winner.

“I’ve never been so disappointed when a guy hit a home run to tie the game in my life.  That was bad. I felt horrible.”

But that feeling wouldn’t last long as Freddy Galvis, not known for his power especially from the right side, drove a ball just inside the left field foul pole for a dramatic game-winning home run, the first walk-off of his baseball career at any level.

“Oh my God,” he said. “I got a big smile right there, the biggest one I had so far in my life.”

The only man with a bigger smile was  Cliff Lee.

“That was the best feeling I’ve had in a while when he hit that home run, just to redeem my mistake. “That was huge.”

Huge and improbable.

Improbable because the Phillies were facing Aroldis Chapman, one of the best closers in the game.  In fact in 158 career appearances he has NEVER given up two home runs.

Improbable because the first home run was hit by Eric Kratz who was only in this game because of a Carlos Ruiz injury

Improbable because the second was hit by back-up player Freddy Galvis who hadn’t started a game in a week.

More improbable still because after the game Charlie Manuel said that if Lee hadn’t gotten picked off he would have had John Mayberry Jr. pinch-hit for Galvis.

And all of those improbable things coming together to win a much-needed game for the Phillies?  Now that’s why I love baseball.

So will this improbable victory be  the spark that will turn this Phillies season around?

Will this sleeping offense finally wake up and go on a tear?

Should the Atlanta Braves be watching their backs?

Honestly, I just don’t know.  But I do know one thing.  I won’t be so fast next time to give up before the final out is recorded because, “One more time, Yogi:

“It ain’t over till it’s over.”


2 Responses to “And That’s Why I Love Baseball”

  1. bjhauswald May 20, 2013 at 2:18 pm #

    What a great finish! As soon as it was over, I couldn’t wait to see your post do we could relish it a little longer! Thanks!!

    • girlsbestphriend May 21, 2013 at 1:53 pm #

      Hi BJ,
      Always great to hear from you and thanks for that nice comment. Too bad we only got to enjoy it for one night, though. Oy!!!

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