Nobody Does It Better

29 May

If you’re a fan of Cliff Lee, you know that sometimes there are just no words to describe him.  So what’s a blogger to do?  Turn to song, of course.

So without further  ad0, and with apologies to Carly Simon, my musical tribute to Clifton Phifer himself.

Nobody Does It Better

(sung to the tune of… well, you’ll get the idea)

Nobody does what you do 

You’re better than all the rest

Nobody pitches half as good as you

Cliff Lee, you’e the best.


The Phils were in free fall, till you took the baseball

The Sox tried to hit it with all their might

But from Gomes to Big Pappi

You made Phils fans happy

You owned the mound and got the win tonight.


And nobody does it your way

You pitch with your own special style

Nobody mows through lineups like you do 

Now you have more wins than Kyle


The way that you run out

When you leave the dugout

You had the Red Sox at hello

So just keep that ball hummin’

And other teams bummin’

Your last 5 starts your record’s 4-0


Oh, nobody does it better

We love it when you’re on the hill

Someone please tell our trade-happy GM

We want Cliff to stay a Phil.



2 Responses to “Nobody Does It Better”

  1. Physics Singer May 29, 2013 at 2:38 pm #

    Outstanding post!!

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