How Sweet It Is

18 Jun

In the post-game parking lot scramble now. We had a fun evening – Dom came through!  

Will look forward to an upbeat blog post 🙂

I received this email at 10:31 last night from a loyal reader and friend who was lucky enough to be at the Phillies game last night with his family.

So Rodd (and family), this one’s for you.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to get the game winning walk-off hit in a baseball game?

What would be running through your mind as you ran to first base knowing you had just won the game for your team and as soon as your foot touched the bag, all heck would break loose?

Does it all feel like it’s happening in slow motion, almost like a dream?

Are you aware of the crowds roar and your teammates whooping and hollering or is your heart pounding so loud in your ears that you don’t hear anything at all?

 Those are the kind of moments that keep us watching sports.  The moments that remind us that even during a tough season like this one, magic can happen any time.  Those are the moments that make live sports the best reality show on television.

Well Domonic Brown had one of those moments last night.  In the bottom of the ninth, after Jonathan Papelbon had blown his first save of the season,  Brown hit a single to drive in Ben Revere from third to give the Phillies a 5-4 walk-off win over the Washington Nationals.

After a huge May in which Brown was named Player of the Month, he has recently been battling through a mini-slump hitting only .143 with just one RBI in the last eight games.  But he couldn’t have picked a better time to pick up his second.

It was Brown’s first career walk-off hit.

So how did it feel?   Well, first, let’s see how it looked.


says it all

The thrill of victory and…

Pap gives Dom a blue ribbon

Pap gives Dom a blue ribbon and a bear hug.

brown wins game

And now they all join in the fun.

And now they all join in the fun.

dom brown 2

It's pie time.

It’s pie time.

How sweet it is.

How sweet it is!

OK, your turn Domonic, So how did it feel?

“Man, it’s very big, especially when Pap’s going out there and he’s been great for us. I told [Papelbon] that we’re gonna fight for him and we’re gonna come out and win.”

And last night Domonic Brown backed up that promise with his bat and sent the crowd home happy.

Perhaps the only one happier than Jonathan Papelbon was my friend Rodd.  Well, how did I do, upbeat enough for you?


One Response to “How Sweet It Is”

  1. Rodd Bender June 18, 2013 at 1:36 pm #

    Yes, very upbeat Susan! Walkoff wins are the best. Bummed that we were in the parking lot when Dom received the obligatory shaving cream pie to the face…

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