Philadelphia Phillies: Ignorance Is Bliss

28 Jun

When I fell asleep last night the Phillies were already down 3-0 in the first inning so I wasn’t surprised to wake up to find out that they had lost the game to the LA Dodgers 6-4.

But I was surprised to learn that they had tied the game up in the fifth.

and I was surprised that, after giving up those three runs in the first,  pitcher Jonathan Pettibone, settled down to retire the final 15 batters he faced and 17 of 18 giving his team a chance to win the game.

I was even more surprised to see that the Phillies actually had a lead in the game when Chase Utley hit a home in the seventh inning to put them ahead 4-3.

But that’s where the pleasant surprises ended.  I won’t go into great detail.  I mean if you were lucky enough to be sleeping through it when it happened, why should I be the one to ruin your Friday?

I’ll just let a couple of quotes from the post-game locker room tell the tale:

“Of all the plays, the plays you make nine times out of 10, you slip,” Howard said.

“I didn’t think I threw a bad pitch,” De Fratus said. “But it wasn’t where I was trying to get it and it burned me.”

“I have a green light,” said Howard, “I just had a bad swing. I had a bad swing.  It’s tough, man.”

“It wasn’t where I wanted it,” De Fratus said. “I was trying to bounce it there. But I just didn’t quite get it down. Man, I couldn’t believe he hit it, to be honest.”

“I cost my team the game,” Howard said. “Obviously, it wasn’t the greatest  night or game for me today. I take full responsibility for it.” 

OK, be honest, do you really want to know any more than that???

Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.


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