Philadelphia Phillies: Perfectly Awful Game

2 Aug

On the same night that the Phillies former closer took the mound for one last time and threw out the first pitch, the Phillies current closer threw the last, at least for the Phillies.

On the same night Brad Lidge, wearing his familiar #54 jersey,  retired as a Phillie and was honored for his 2008 perfect season, Jonathan Papelbon blew his sixth save in 13 opportunities since mid-June.

Brad Lidge lauded the Phillies, the front office and their fans:

“This is such a first class organization from the day I got here.  The players here, the front office, it’s the place I wanted to be attached to for the rest of my life and every time I think about baseball I want to think about Philadelphia and the fans here and it means a lot to me,”

But Jonathan Papelbon’s recent words had a decidedly different tone.

“I definitely didn’t come here for this (losing),…. I would like to stay here,” Papelbon said. “But if I’m going to have to put up with this year after year, then no, I don’t want to be here. Why would you? Why would anybody?”

But Papelbon, who also said that it would take changes “from top to bottom” for the Phillies to turn things around had better start by looking in the mirror because lately he has been a big part of the Phillies problems, including his blown save last night.  Papelbon allowed two runs in the ninth inning, wasting a brilliant eight-inning shutout performance by Cole Hamels, in a game the Phils lost to the Giants 2-1.

In short, a night that began with memories of the heart-stopping, unforgettable  2008 World Series Championship, ended with yet another heart-breaking loss in a season we wish we could forget.


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