My Top Ten Reasons To Keep On Watching the Phillies

19 Aug

OK, I’ve been really good, lately.  I wrote a two-part series about finding the joy.   And wasn’t that a heartfelt thank-you note I wrote to Charlie Manuel?

But a girl can only take so much.  So the day after new manager Ryne Sandberg finally gets his first win (and his first runs) on a walk-off botched double play ball (now that’s a phrase you don’t write every day,) I couln’t resist a little change of pace.

So with 39 games still left on the schedule, yes I said 39, here are some reasons to keep watching.  I call them :

My Top Ten Reasons to Keep Watching the Phillies

 10.  You have an over-under on how many new line-ups will be posted before the end of the season.  39, anyone?

 9.  To hear LA talk about everything under the sun, literally, from the care and feeding of his new swimming pool to his now infamous struggles with his iPad, anything, that is, but the game on the field.

 8.  To see how long it takes before the crowd starts doing the E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES chant.

 7.  To watch the radar gun on Jonathan Papelbon’s fastball to see just “how low it can go” and then make sure to stay tuned for the Post Game show to hear what ridiculous explanation Pap will come up with this time.

 6.  To see if Ryne Sandberg will be a better manager than he was a third base coach.

 5.  To see how many ping-pong balls the Phillies will get in next year’s draft lottery….What?  Sorry, wrong sport.

 4.  You want to get a head start on your Atonement for the High Holidays.  After all, they are really early this year.

 3.  Watching the Phillies play these days cuts down on your need for Tylenol PM to fall asleep.

 2.  You write a Phillies blog so you have to watch…oh, I guess that’s just me.

And the number 1 reason you should keep on watching the Phillies?

 1.  Sometimes we all just need a good laugh.

 OK, I feel better now.  I just had to get that off my chest.


2 Responses to “My Top Ten Reasons To Keep On Watching the Phillies”

  1. Shirley Resnick August 19, 2013 at 12:30 pm #

    That heart warming note to Carlie Manuel should really be sent along to him also…it was beautiful!

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