The Dog Ate My Post

29 Aug

Ok, I could spend a paragraph or two making lame excuses about why I haven’t written in a couple of days.

I could play on your sympathies with all of the writing time I’m losing to my physical therapy sessions.

I could say that I actually have a real job which is why it’s 2:51 AM as I’m writing this post.

I could even say that I’m doing you a favor.  Wouldn’t you rather continue to look at the pretty pictures of waterfalls than read about the Phillies lately?

But I won’t do that.  OK, so I already did.

I have been watching, though, and here are some of my random observations from the last week of Phillies baseball.

Wasn’t it nostalgic to see Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee get back-to-back wins Sunday and Monday?  Aaaah it takes me back.

In fact, wasn’t it nostalgic just to see Roy Halladay on the mound?

Was I the only one who was happy for Shane Victorino when hit two home runs and had seven RBI the other nigh?.  He may play for the Red Sox now, but he’ll always be our Flyin’ Hawaiian’ .

Speaking of former Phillies outfielders has anyone noticed Jayson Werth’s stats lately?  He was named NL Player of the Month for July when he led the NL in homers (7) and RBI (22.)  He’s batting .324 for the season overall.  What’s John Mayberry batting???

It has been entertaining trying to guess who will be in the Phillies line-up since Ryne Sandberg took over as interim manager.  So far?  Twelve games, twelve different line-ups.

I saw a guy wearing a Phillies shirt the other day and when he turned around on he back ii said:  Rauuuuuuul.  It almost brought me to tears.

You know you’re starved for excitement when you’re cheering for a fan who wins in the Daily News Home Run pay-off Inning on a long ball in the sixth inning by Chooch.

I never thought I’d be saying this but I miss Charlie!!!

One good thing, though, my TUMS consumption has gone way down.  See, you can always find a silver lining.

Well, we must all go on, right?  At least I must.  I’m off. Have a great day!


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