Phillies Phans: Rain or Shine

13 Sep

 Here’s a nice smile for a Friday.

We had tickets for last night’s Phillies game but were unable to attend so we gave them to our dear friends who have 3 young children.

They said their children were thrilled and could hardly wait for game time to arrive.

Here they are all smiles right before heading down to the ballpark.


 Well for those of you on the East Coast, you know that it started to pour right around game time.   And this wasn’t just a drizzle.  It was a DOWNPOUR.

Of course, I immediately thought of my friends and their children’s smiling faces and thought how disappointed they must have been.

I wondered if they had even made it to the game at all or if they had been on their way when the skies opened.

I mean, with three little kids in tow, the last thing you need is pouring rain, right?

And, on top of that, a 55-minute delay before the game even started.

What bad luck, I thought, shaking my head.

 But then I got this…


 Now that’s what I call a great night at the Ballpark!


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