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How to Enjoy the Phillies, Say What?

25 Jul

I’ll be honest, writing about Phillies losses day after day is really bumming me out.  And I can’t imagine that it’s a walk in the Park (excuse the pun) reading about them either.  I feel that it’s my job as your faithful Phillies blogger to do more, to help you through the hard times, to give you something to grab on to.  So today, dear readers, I offer you this:

 My Top Five Ways to Enjoy Phillies Games Again

5. Turn watching the Phils into a drinking game.  Pour yourself a large glass of your favorite chardonnay, or  beverage of choice.  Then every time a Phillies batter strikes out (or pops up or grounds out) with a runner in scoring position, take a drink.  That way, you’ll be rewarded by those moments that usually just make you want to scream.  And I promise that by the end of the game, you’ll have no idea who won or lost, and better yet, you won’t even care.

4. Turn down the sound on the tv and listen to Scott Franzke and Larry Anderson on the radio.  Between their home run pay-off banter and Scott asking Larry about his latest out-of-the-booth exploits, on a good night, they barely talk about the game at all.

3.  Put all of that pent-up Phillies frustration to work for you.  Do sit-ups, squats and push-ups during the game.  Better yet, go outside and take an invigorating walk.  Remember the longer you’re out, the more calories you’ll burn and  the more innings you’ll miss!

2 . Instead of the live game, watch an old-time Phillies classic.  I love the 1980 NLCS against the Houston Astros, the 1993 team is always fun to watch and when you really need a lift, there’s nothing better than the Perfect Season.

1.  But the best way to enjoy a Phillies game these days is quite simple.  DON’T WATCH!

I hope these ideas will be helpful as the season continues.  And no, don’t thank me, just buy a t-shirt!

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