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“Ryno” Is For Real

23 Sep

To no one’s great surprise, the interim was removed from before his name and Hall of Fame second baseman Ryne Sandberg,  is now the new manager of the Philadelphia Phillies.  The reaction in the Phillies clubhouse was enthusiastic applause.

Phils second baseman, Chase Utley, had this to say about the move:

Ryno is positive. He’s always talking during the game. He’s definitely into the game, and guys respect him for that. He’s given a lot of guys an opportunity to play, which is nice. So far he’s done a great job.”

And my personal baseball guru, former Phillies shortstop, coach and manager Larry Bowa, is a big Sandberg supporter:

“He pays attention to detail.  You’re going to see his quote, ‘Play the game the right way. Play hard.’ That’s how he played. He played it the right way. Forget his Hall of Fame numbers. His work ethic before a game was unbelievable. And he wants guys to be prepared. I don’t think you’ll ever see him get on anybody if they’re prepared.”

Bowa and Sandberg will always be linked because of the infamous trade that sent them both from the Phillies to the Chicago Cubs in 1982.  While Bowa was considered the big name in the deal at the time no one yet knew much about Sandberg who went on to become an MVP, a 10-time All-Star, a nine-time Gold Glove winner, a Hall of Fame second baseman and a Cubs icon.

But will they be linked again?  Will Sandberg, as rumored, offer friend and former mentor Bowa a spot on his new coaching staff???

Whoever joins him in the dugout, “Ryno” will have a big job ahead of him.  It may take more than a good work ethic for this team to have the kind of turnaround fans and the front office are hoping for.  In fact, before Sandberg takes the reins next season, it will be Phillies GM Ruben Amaro who will be in the hot seat with decisions to make and holes to fill.

But as this season mercifully enters its final week, let’s be positive about the Phillies new manager choice.  He’s worked hard to earn his stripes (6 years in the minors is a lot of bus rides,) he certainly knows the game and he seems to have the respect of his players both young and old. Sandberg called getting the Phillies manger’s job a dream come true:

“I think it’s a bright future, I’m ecstatic about being here.”

Let’s hope we’re all ecstatic this time next year!

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