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The Phils and the Falls

26 Aug

All the recent Phillies drama and stress

was taking it’s toll on me; I was a mess.

And to make matters worse,I was keeping a log

So I could  bum you out, too, in my blog.

This could not end well; of that I was sure,

First Charlie was a goner; I couldn’t take much more.


So we packed up the car and followed our map

to a land where they know nothing of the man we call “Pap”


To a place with no dugouts, no bats and no balls,

To the town of Dingmans Ferry, land of waterfalls.

2waterfalls photo

We knew we had found the perfect get-away

when we got our first glimpse of our woodsy chalet.


It was secluded and quiet, a deck with a view

Now this was a place to relax and renew.


We could sit at our pond in an old-fashioned Adirondack



And just meditate…What?  The Phils had two walk-offs back-to-back??

I know, I know I’m here to unwind

Maybe the beauty of nature will settle my mind.

pretty pondphoto

Our hikes were inspiring in this beautiful place,

No way!  Another walk-off win on a walk by Chase?

Three walk-off’s in a row.  This could be history.

How can there be no Sportsnet in this damn rustic teepee?

Uh-oh.  I’m in trouble; I’m losing it again.

But I have one more way to try to get back my zen. 

If this sight doesn’t do it, than nothing will.

Check out the awesome beauty of the Falls at Raymondskill.


skinny fallsAdobePhotoshopExpress_2013_08_25_20:31:27

We hiked and we marveled at every new sight

The beauty, the sounds, it was magic all right.

tree trunksAdobePhotoshopExpress_2013_08_25_21:23:11

The entire day was truly surreal

And I thought to myself, now this is the real deal.


The only thing missing in this fresh country air,

My son had his heart set on seeing a bear.


And when muscles were tired and so were our feet

We jumped in the hot tub; yes, life is sweet.

hot tubphoto

I never even checked on the Phillies score

OK, maybe once but after that no more.

We finished our night around the fire pit

and we all agreed that our trip had been a “hit.”

firepit AdobePhotoshopExpress_2013_08_25_20:38:05

fire pit photo

When I woke the next morning relaxed and serene,

I didn’t even care the  Phils had lost in eighteen.

So I vowed to myself as we packed up that day

to remember the life lessons learned at our chalet.

And I would have kept that vow but for a quick glance at the clock


 “Put the pedal to the metal,” I yelled,  “and we’ll make it home for Doc.”

My Sunday Haiku For You

4 Aug

I know it’s not news

That Phils find new ways to lose

So bring on the booze


I just had to share this one.  It comes from loyal reader (and commenter) Ron.

Travelled from near the DC dome
to Citizen’s Bank I did roam
I should have stayed home. 


Not the Start the Phillies Were Hoping For

24 Jul

They started with a bang but since their 13-8 win against the Mets, the Phillies have now lost three straight.  They are seven games behind the first place Atlanta Braves and seven and a half games behind in the Wild Card race.

This is not the start we were hoping for.

The Phillies inconsistent offense is still, well, inconsistent.  After that offensive outburst against the Mets, the Phillies have scored only one run in their last two games.

This is not the start we were hoping for.

What makes it even worse is that the teams ahead of the Phils are almost trying to hand them the division.  The Braves are 2-3 since the Break and the Washington Nationals are 0-5!  Yes, the Cardinals have the best record in baseball but it was critical for the Phils to win at least 2-3 from a not-so-good Mets team.  And, by the way, teams that need to play at an above .600 clip to make the play-offs need to beat the good teams, too!

This is not the start we were hoping for.

And it doesn’t get any easier for the Phillies on this critical road trip.  They have two more games against these Cardinals and then a series against the first place AL Detroit Tigers, and interleague play has historically not been this team’s strong point.  They have a total of six games remaining before the 4 p.m. Trade Deadline next Wednesday.  If the Phillies can’t find a way to win at least four of them, this team could look a lot different a week from today.

This is not the start we were hoping for.

And if you really want to hear some bad news, in the nightmare scenario that has many fans seeing red, the Phils iconic second baseman Chase Utley could be one of those Phillies not wearing red real soon.  He had three hits last night and is eight for his last 16.  He has raised his average to .286 and his troublesome knees have just not been an issue this year.  In short, he has been one of the most productive offensive middle infielders in the game.  He’s also in the final year of his contract all of which make him a big target for a team looking for some help down the stretch.  Would they, could they, trade the beloved second baseman?

This is not the start we were hoping for.

But…this Phillies team does have a habit of making their runs when everyone has counted them out, when their backs are against the wall, when all they’ve got is each other and their will to win to stay together as a team.  But every year they get a bit older and those runs are harder to find.  Does this team have one more run left?  Can they at least win enough in these next six games to stay together just a little longer?

This is not the start we were hoping for.

Well, I for one am, not a bandwagon fan.  Yes, the losses and inconsistency frustrate me but I am always a fan win or lose.  Yes, deep down I know whether it’s now or later this team must make some changes to keep up with a league getting ever-younger. But I’m hoping for a min-run starting tonight so we can watch the Utleys and Rollins play together just a little bit longer.

Call me sentimental but I’ll be at the ballpark August 1st, when the Phils will  honor Brad Lidge who has chosen to retire as a Phillie.  The night will surely bring back memories of that great 2008 team, you know, the “World F-ing Champions.”  It sure would be a shame if I’m there but the man who uttered that famous phrase is not.

Baseball Rocks! All-Star Game? Not So Much

17 Jul

So we won’t have home field advantage in the World Series.  Let’s just hope we’re in a position to care.  A pretty lack luster All-Star Game if you ask me.  As for the Home Run Derby?  I was just glad that Bryce Harper and his mohawk and shiny gold cleats didn’t win.  What does he think this is, basketball??

OK, time to get back to business.  T-shirt business.  Thanks to all who have already kindly purchased my new Girls Best Phriend shirts.  To quote a t-shirt slogan:

t-shirt logo

You Rock!

And if you haven’t joined the party, yet, what are you waiting for???

For the price of just $14.95, you too can be sporting one of these shirts modeled here by my son and his lovely girl friend.


And the best part is, you’ll not only look great but you’ll also feel great because you’ll be helping an important cause that means a lot to me.  I am donating a percentage of  every shirt sold to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. 

The shirts are available in X-Large, Large, Medium and Small.  To get your very own, first ever GBPh t-shirt, please email me at:  scd@banyan.com.  (I am happy to ship the shirts to you for the real cost of shipping!)

The Phillies don’t play again until Friday night when they pick up their season (and hopefully their series-winning ways) against the New York Mets at the sight of the All Star festivities.

Maybe the Phils Domonic Brown can make up for his Home Run Derby snub by showing Mets third baseman and Derby captain David Wright that he knows how to hit the ball out of Citi Field.

Enjoy the next couple of days and don’t forget to stock up on those TUMS for the stretch run!

One Step Forward…

11 Jul

You can’t win ’em all

No crying in baseball  Next

KK gets the call

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

1 Jul

The Good:  The Phillies are off today.

The Bad:  Yesterday’s game where the Phillies sleep-walked to a 6-1 loss against the Dodgers.

The Ugly:  Where do I start?

The Phillies are now 3-4 on this critical road trip and what makes it really ugly is that they easily could’ve won at least 2, maybe 3 more of those games.

Ryan Howard is mired in a dismal 0-20 slump.  The longest hitless stretch in his career is 23 at bats.

The Phillies are 9 1/2 games behind the Braves and we are more than halfway through the season.  It is NOT still early.

At 39-44 they are a season low five games under .500.

Next stop is Pittsburgh where the Phillies will face the hottest team in baseball, the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Yes, the Pittsburgh Pirates.  They have the best record in baseball at 51-30, yes 51-30 and they’re currently on a nine-game winning streak.  Yes a nine-game win streak.  (Wonder what that feels like?)

Finally, Adding Injury to Insult:  Pitcher Kyle Kendrick suffered a mild concussion Sunday after being hit in the head with a pitch in the sixth inning.

Sorry to be such a downer but ‘rainy days and Mondays always get me down.’

Did I mention that the Phillies are off today???

Why the Phillies Should Listen to My Mother

30 Jun

When the Phillies score a lot of runs in one game my Mother always says, “Save some for tomorrow.” 

Well I’m sure she said that many times during the 16-1 beatdown Friday night.  And I only wish the Phils had listened because they could have used a couple of those rune last night as they lost to the Dodgers 4-3 on a walk-off single in the bottom of the ninth.

So much for momentum. 

Chase Utley was the only Phillie who “saved some.”  He hit two home runs last night accounting for 2/3 of the Phillies total run production.

They wasted another strong performance by Cliff Lee who, after giving up 2 hits, including a 3-run homer in the first, shut the Dodgers down giving up only 2 more hits and striking out 10 in seven innings.

The Phils also proved something I’ve known for a long time.

My mother is always right.

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