And Then It Was One

28 Sep

That’s what the Phillies tragic number is down to after their loss yesterday against the playoff bound Washington Nationals.  What a difference a couple of letters makes, huh?

One more loss (or one more Cardinals win) and the Phillies string of five consecutive playoff appearances, the longest active streak in the Major Leagues and tied for the third longest since division play began in 1969, will officially end.

Yes, I know all good things must come to an end but as this season nears its conclusion, I’m finding it hard to watch the games and even harder to write about them.

Yes, I think we’ve all known for a while, even with the welcome surge at the end, that it was unlikely that this year’s team would make it to the postseason.

Yes, we’ve known that for the first time in five years we would not be having a Red October but the reality of that truth is still hard to take for this baseball fan and I’m sure for many fans like me.

But I also know that the second that final out is recorded, we’ll all start counting down another magic number, the days till pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training.  (I’d give you that number now but no official start date has yet been announced.)

At least it has been fun watching Darin Ruf for the last couple of days and thankfully the Nationals will have to have their clinching party in someone else’s park.

And maybe tonight the boys can score a run or two for Cliff Lee, who has been pitching lately like he’s making up for lost time or maybe a lost season.

As for me,  I promise to try to end my season on an upbeat note.  I promise to finish with some posts that will bring some perspective to what has been a difficult season; posts that will attempt to provide a little humor and maybe even some hope.

But today I’m just a little sad, waiting for the final shoe, or should I say cleat, to drop.

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